Make your life easier with our smart home automation 

Intelligent integration of smart home systems to create a more convenient and enjoyable lifestyle

Why Use Smart Technology?

Smart technology can improve your energy efficiency, home security or even give you better home entertainment. You can use a series of apps for some solutions or we can install a whole home solution, which will centralise everything in one system. That means you can control, monitor and automate certain aspects of your home, making your life a lot easier!

Man using digital tablet with smart home controls
smart phone viewing images from Home CCTV

Smart Security

Our comprehensive home security systems can cover all aspects of your home, enabling you to monitor it from anywhere in the world. Intelligent alarms, CCTV and door access allows you to feel safe at all times.

Our simple one screen interface ensures that you can get the information you need quickly and we will make sure that it it looks great too. Read more on our Security page.

Climate Control.

From automated shades with a great selection of finishes to managing heating and cooling systems, we can advise, supply and install the right smart solutions to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

We’ve got great smart control interfaces, apps and sensors, we have the right product for your home or business. 


tablet being used to control home heating system
TV room with smart technology

Audio & Home Entertainment

Imagine settling down to watch a movie in your own home cinema, with a one touch setting that configures the lights, sets up the surround sound and even starts the movie – no problem!

If music is your thing, we have easily controlled multi-room audio solutions that enable music to flow right through the house and combined with our great TV and Home Cinema Control, you can easily manage whatever you want to watch or listen to. We can also add speakers to the garden area and any other areas of your house. Our solutions can enable you to have great parties outside, allow the kids to listen to music in their rooms while you have your own music playing in the kitchen or living room.

Read more on our Home Cinema & Audio page.

Smart Lighting

How about installing Smart Lighting to greet you when you walk in the door, or turning off lights remotely when the kids have left every light on in the house? Maybe you’d like an assortment of scenes set up – 1 for dinner, 1 for morning or a separate party setting? 

Using LED bulbs, motion sensors and a control system, we can ensure that your building is both ambient and energy efficient whenever you want it to be.



smartphone being used to control home lighting

Proud installers of URC Total Control home automation solutions

Total Control uses a wide range of software and hardware to control all aspects of your house easily. From the Intelligent touch panels and remotes to using Voice Control, you can control, automate and monitor your lighting, climate, security and entertainment from anywhere.

It will integrate seamlessly with many other manufacturers, and can be scaled up with your project. So if you’re expanding your system in the future, additional devices can be easily added at any time.

We can also apply this to commercial installations for offices, pubs & clubs, hotels and more. Get in touch to discuss your business requirements today. 

Home Automation Installer Scotland

Our installers have years of experience installing infrastructure and fantastic systems in Edinburgh, the Lothians & Borders and throughout Scotland. We work with builders, architects and project managers to achieve great results and are happy to discuss any project, small or large. Please get in touch today to discuss your project.

Other Smart Solutions We Offer


Bespoke home cinema and audio systems tailored to suit your home and budget. Designed, installed, integrated and serviced.



Enhance your whole property with fast, secure and reliable connections that are easy to control.



Reliable, intuitive and robust security solutions for your home or business connected to any device of your choice.


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