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Smart Home Technology FAQs

Here is a selection of our most commonly asked questions. Please get in touch if you have any other question.

What’s the advantages of a wired camera compared a WiFi camera?

A wired camera will have little or no network interference, is generally a lot more reliable and isn’t reliant on your WiFi signal. WiFi cameras are great for certain applications, but generally a wired camera is a better option if you’re wanting more security in your system.

Can you supply cinema seating to go with my new cinema room?

Yes, we have a range of suppliers with various fabrics and finishes so can get the finish you want.

Do you do wireless alarms? I’ve just decorated the house and don’t want wires around the property?

Yes, we do a great system that’s simple to control and won’t make a mess or leave wires trailing around your property.

Do you deal with large screen TV installations?

Yes, we can do any size of TV installation, in any room. We do a range of bathroom, picture frame, mirror TV’s and over-mantel mirrors too, for something a bit more special. We also install projectors and screens too if you’d prefer that. 

I only have a TV install I want done, can you do smaller jobs too?

Of course – we can do all types of job, large or small.

My broadband is great all over my house but not in one section, can you fix it?

Yes, get in touch and we can pop out and have a look.

I’m very aware of cables in my home and don’t want to see any – can you hide them?

Yes, we get asked this a lot and our installers are great at hiding the cabling as much as possible. This can be done in various ways, so get in touch and we can pop out for a look.

Do you sell CCTV self install kits?

Yes, we can get a kit for you and even supply the cables.

Do you deal with aerial and satellite installation and maintenance?

Yes, we can deal with this too.

Do you do network cabling?

Yes, we do wired and wireless networking for both home and commercial properties. We have lots of products available for this so get in touch if you’d like to discuss further. 

Can I just walk in for a chat or do I need an appointment?

Just pop in whenever suits. If you want to double check anything before your visit, just give us a buzz or email before hand. 

If I want to look at a demo room for cinema can you provide one?

Yes, we can do this.

I’m not really sure what I want to do yet, but I’m planning on getting building work done, can I pop in for a chat to discuss my options?

Of course, we can go through all your options. Either pop in for a chat or give us a buzz and we can come out for a quick site visit.

Can you maintain the system once it’s installed?

Yes, we can either pop out when needed for one-off visits or you can set up an annual  maintenance plan via monthly subscription.

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