Enhance your home or business with fast, secure and reliable WiFi and networks

Get the fastest, most stable internet connection possible throughout your space.

We use the latest technology to bring high speed, secure WiFi and networking to all homes and businesses.

There are various ways we can improve your broadband and WiFi in your property, such as 4G & 5G broadband installation, Starlink, WiFi access points and network cabling. Get in touch with us for a  free survey, where we can test signal strength throughout your home or business and discuss suitable solutions to improve performance.

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WiFi Installations Scotland

Are you working from home or do you need more devices on the WiFi network? There is nothing worse than sitting down to do some work on the laptop or settling down to watch a movie and the buffering starts!

There are all sorts of reasons that your WiFi signal can be reduced – router position, thick walls, insulation or interference.

Get rid of WiFi dead spots with our fantastic access points, expertly fitted through the property, giving you a smooth signal wherever you are. We stock a range of products, so we will have something that works for you.

Garden WiFi.

Our outdoor WiFi installations will enable you to work and play seamlessly in the garden. Sit on a zoom meeting or just put on some music with effortless WiFi – great for a party or  barbecue! Team up with of our outdoor TV’s or mobile multi room speakers to create a great outdoor experience.

Have you got or are planning to create an office at the bottom of your garden?  You’ll need a strong reliable signal to make it work and we can supply the right equipment to ensure that you can work effortlessly without worrying about the signal.

garden wifi and speaker
home interior with data cabling for fast data streaming

Home networking & data cabling installations

We supply and install hardwired networks for Sky Q, gaming consoles and PCs. We use high quality certified data cables (CAT6 or higher) to ensure the fastest possible speeds.

Our experienced installers are great at discrete cabling and wireless networks, so you can rest easy knowing that the aesthetics of your home won’t be compromised.

Hotels, rental properties & B&Bs

We all know that WiFi is a necessity when on holiday. One of the first things people do when they walk into a residence is look for the WiFi sign in.

If you’ve got a holiday property, then get us to install a separate, secure great guest WiFi system for everyone to use safely. 

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Make sure you have one less thing to worry about. Get fast, reliable, and secure WiFi thoughout your property today. Take the first step and get in touch with us for a free site survey.

The best thing is often a conversation on site, where we can discuss your requirements, look at what would work well and give you an estimate.  

Our installers have years of experience working on all shapes and sizes of property, so you can count on our experience to provide you with valuable, honest advice. This service is available in Edinburgh and throughout the Lothians.

Other Smart Solutions We Offer


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