Video door bells are always on the news just now and for good reason, they’re a great security addition to your home, you won’t miss any more deliveries (in theory) and they’re just really handy. The can be used as an extra camera to a bigger existing system too.

Lots of footage is on the internet with images caught on door bells, from thefts, car crashes and accidents. There are loads on the market and some are better than others.

So what should you look for in a video door bell? What are the best ones? Here are a few that we fit day to day but there are many types out there on the market. We’d always recommend going for a recognised brand rather than something bought on Amazon that you’ve never heard of. That way you’ll get a reliable system and you should get good support from it too.



Ring Pro (starts at around £90):

Ring is one of the most popular brands of video door bell and there are various accessories and ranges. They can be combined with various accessories such as cameras and their alarm system so can be quite reasonable.


  • Easy to install, provides a quick & simple system
  • Available in a couple of colours – silver and black
  • Decent camera, works on WiFi – no hardwiring required.
  • Records and captures videos and photos to look over later.
  • You can add their other pieces of kit along with the door bell if you like.


  • Range is limited, you may have issues with lag or WiFi connection
  • Battery needs charged frequently (despite what they advertise)
  • Subscription required (starts at £2.50 per month).
  • You can get false alerts as they’re motion sensitive. This affects many video doorbells though to be fair.

Ring also do a more sturdy version with their X-Line range which is hardwired so worth thinking about. It’s a bit pricier as starts at £279 but is also better professionally installed.

  • 4 year warranty
  • Theft protection


Pyronix door bell (£129 for the doorbell and chime kit)

Our newest door bell, Pyronix has brought out this bell which works on it’s Home Control 2 app. It’s got a great range of features and is simple to install.


  • Longer lasting battery life and rechargeable. Can be hardwired too.
  • Live snap shot and capture video
  • No subscriptions
  • Can be integrated with their Enforcer alarm system
  • Simple installation
  • The bell and chime kit comes with a 32G SD card


  • Also works better with good WiFi

EZViz DB2 Pro Battery Doorbell (Approx £149)

A simple door bell by EzViz which is easily installed. You can take cloud storage on this option but it can be up to £5 per month.


  • Simple to install
  • Decent camera – 2K+ resolution
  • Chargeable battery, no hardwiring required
  • WiFi chime included
  • IR up to 5 metres
  • Tamper proof and weather proof


  • WiFi dependent
  • Despite what they manufacturer says, you will have to recharge the battery more than you think
  • Bulkier than many other door bells
  • The Chime can’t be too far from the door bell or it won’t work.
  • Cloud storage is quite pricy.


Hikvision Intercom system

There are quite a few variations on Hikvisions intercom system and a few finishes. These are a nice option if you’ve got a larger property where you can see who is there without going to the door.  You also have an option to have a few screens set up so you could have one in the kitchen, one upstairs and one in the garage if you like. It will work well in a home setting as well as a commercial setting. We can install to homes, flats, shops, offices, many different settings. The good thing is that it can be incorporated into a larger system too so can be used in lots of applications and properties.


  • Flexible options and expandable – one button, a key card option and various finishes
  • No subscriptions
  • Easy to use app
  • Camera set up so good as an extra part of your security system – can be integrated with the rest of your Hikvision CCTV system.
  • Hands free option so no need for anyone to be touching the system if need be.
  • Simple wiring set up.


  • Really needs to be professionally installed.
  • Lots of options – it can be confusing to get the right one for you!
  • Support is best delivered by an installer, dealing with Hikvision direct can be tricky.

So what is the best option for you? What do you want out of it? Is it a simple door bell or a more comprehensive system? Do you want to integrate it to an already existing system, build up a new one or just have a video doorbell on it’s own? What is your budget? Are you fussy about ongoing charges for cloud storage?

If you’re unsure of anything at all, just get in touch and we can chat over and see what the best option is.