This is a different approach to TV installation and follows along the line of various other companies who have decided to go change how the TV is presented as a piece of furniture. We often install Mirror and Art TV’s along with electric projector screens and lifts which are out of the way when not in use and this is another great way to change the TV format. Samsung does a lovely Frame and Serif model which are on similar lines so nice to see a change in how TV’s are presented. But how good is it?

LG is a great manufacturer and has always been at the fore front of new ideas such as the rollable TV. This is a new OLED screen and is 20% brighter than their current OLEDs so a great start. Combined with LG’s cutting-edge picture algorithms and the α9 Gen5 AI Processor, LG OLED evo elevates the TV’s self-lit pixels for superior clarity, detail, contrast and colour. As to audio it provides rich, powerful audio with an 80W, 4.2-channel sound system.

It is floor standing and can be set up in a couple of ways – either flush to the wall or at an angle with the cables hidden. The panel is electronically operated and the canvas on it is done by the Danish textile company Kvadrat. This means that when you’re not using it, then the screen can be covered. It can also be partially covered in “Line View” to show headlines etc or “Full View” to show the rest of the screen. Full view also allows it to be set to Gallery Mode to show minimalist art videos if not using for standard TV too.

Stock is low with this lovely TV so get one now! 

The Easel retails at £5999 and is available now in a 65″ size.