Denon home 250

Denon home 250 wireless speaker

We love the Denon Home audio system – it’s been designed, upgraded and as it was pretty great in the first place it’s now even better.

For over 110 years Denon have been world leaders in home audio and have been innovative throughout. They’ve now launched this fantastic range of wireless speakers – the 150, the 250 and the 350 which has taken over from their great Heos system.

The 150 Denon speaker

The Home 150 speaker – designed for standard rooms and can be paired with another 150 to give a stereo sound, this houses a 3.5 inch woofer and 1 in tweeter.. The design has been upgraded with a water proof and stain resistant cloth front and sleeker look compared to the old metal grill front and is available in black or white. As a smart speaker it can be used with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri meaning that you can use voice control to turn up the volume, change tracks and more.

The top panel has 3 quick select buttons for internet radio and will work from the Denon Heos App for easy music streaming using all the streaming services such as Deezer, Amazon, Spotify and Tidal. It also has WiFi, AirPlay 2 and bluetooth to connect to your devices easily.  It’s also has a built in proximity sensor meaning that as your hand approaches, the interface lights up. As it has built in Heos, you can use it with other Denon Heos products to create a multi room system throughout your home.



Denon home 250 speaker

Denon Home 250 speaker

The Home 250 Speaker – designed for a larger sound, this takes over from the old Heos 3 & 5 speaker, it doubles the tweeters and woofers of the 150 speaker. The acoustic hardware has been upgraded with four drivers, ranging from two tweeters, two woofers and two passive bass radiators along with the processors meaning that you’re getting the best highs and deepest lows. The control still comes from the Heos App which and it can integrate with other Denon devices in the house meaning that you get a really easy to control, multi room system.

Again, it’s usable with voice assist, it has 3 great quick select buttons and we think that the coolest thing is the the high end proximity sensor interface which activates as soon as your hand approaches which means that the buttons light up as soon as you approach. It’s given it a much sleeker overall look.

Again, the cover is waterproof and stain resistant so you can use this in the kitchen and bathroom too.



Denon home 350 speaker

Denon home 350 speaker

The Home 350 Speaker – Similar to the other speakers in the Home series, this has been upgraded in all areas for larger rooms using 3-way, stereo speakers. 3-way speakers feature separate drive units for the top-end, midrange and bass. The acoustic hardware, drivers and processors have been improved so you know that you’re getting a much better product. The 350 is made for larger areas and again, can be combined with the 150 and the 250 range as well as other Denon products such as the sound bar. The 350 has 6 quick selects compared to the 3 on the 250 which is great for every day use for internet radio.

Controllable via the app, you can also combine 2 to create a fantastic stereo system, without an overly complicated HiFi system. Just download the app from your app store and integrate all your Denon through it. The good thing with the entire Home system is that you can use Spotify, Deezer, Amazon music, Tidal, Napster & Soundcloud through the app and the dual bank WiFi is complemented by Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth 4.2.

If you like the sound of upgrading your audio system simply or you want to add to an existing Denon Heos system then the Denon Home is a brilliant addition. If you want more information, then please just get in touch! 

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