Kinetik KLIF-UST1CS Ultra Short Throw Projector AV Cabinet Black


This cabinet has been designed to accommodate both UST (Ultra Short Throw) and UUST (Ultra, Ultra Short Throw) projectors. The dimensions of the unit allow the chosen screen to be positioned at a height which ensures comfortable viewing when seated. It has been designed to accommodate both 120” and 100” screens.

The back panels are in an engineered ‘through core colour’ material ensuring that cable access routes and ventilation cut outs do not expose an unfinished core of a different colour, as would be the case with laminated or painted MDF or MFC. The opening below the projector has a central recessed support panel, allowing space for a centre speaker if desired





Projector cabinet unit
Weight kg: 29
No. of panels: 10
Maximum panel size : 1200 x 700
Dimensions with feet (H W D): 405 x 1200 x 700
Packing dimensions: 1200 x 700 x 72
Floor – bottom of screen* : 675mm
Floor – middle of screen*: 1442mm
Floor – top of screen* : 2209mm


Side cabinet units (each)
Weight kg: 23
No. of panels: 7
Maximum panel size : 720 x 550
Dimensions with feet (H W D): 405 x 550 x 700
Packing dimensions: 1100 x 550 x 72