Cat6 UTP LSZH Solid Core Cable Purple (per metre)


Cat6 unshielded twisted pair cable is designed for use in next generation data communications networks, and will comfortably support all present applications including Gigabit Ethernet.

Connectix Cat6 UTP Solid Cable offers the performance characteristics required by the ever present Cat6 Standard. When used in conjunction with Connectix Cat6  Modules and Patch Panels the user will get a link performance exceeding Category 6 Specification requirements.

What does LSZH mean?

LSZH cable is a specialized type of audio cable that offers improved fire safety by emitting low smoke and minimal toxic gases when exposed to heat or flames. They are designed to ensure optimal audio performance while meeting stringent safety requirements in various environments.

Would you like the ends crimped with RJ45’s? Simply order the length of cable then add the RJ45s and we will do it for you. If you’d like 2 sent in your order to crimp yourself, just let us know. 



  • LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Outer Sheath
  • Performance exceeding Cat6 specifications
  • UL tested
  • Every box individually tested in the UK
  • Supplied metre marked for easy installation





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