In stock nowRithum… a great way to control your lighting, climate and audio with one of these stylish switches. Working with your WiFi, this is a great system if you’re looking for easy control and a lovely finish. The company has won awards for the tech and it’s proving really popular due to its simplicity and style. It has some great integrations and it looks like there will be more to come so if you’ve got a product that doesn’t integrate just now, chances are it’s on the way. It can be fitted on your current light switch so doesn’t need any hubs or separate wiring and the set up is fairly simple. You can even control it using an app alongside the switch.

Cost – the switch is £249.99 and there are extras such as a table stand, additional cables and plug ins which cost extra. It’s still a great, uncomplicated product though which is great in a world where it’s common to need quite a few pieces of expensive kit to get any kind of control system.


  • Works with Lutron, Rako & Philips Hue.
  • Set scenes in your rooms – evening/morning set, full brightness & zoned, whatever you like. Comes with 8 set scenes.
  • Control and dim your lights

Climate control:

  • The Rithum smart switch comes with a built in temperature sensor, it starts functioning straight out of the box
  • Works with systems such as Fibaro, Shelly or Heatmeiser.



  • Responsive interface to give you a quick and responsive interface.
  • Works brilliantly with Sonos, Audioflow, Blustream and many more…




What else does it integrate with?

Some integrations work straight away such as Sonos or Philips Hue but some need to be specified plug ins. You’ll just need to specify whether you’ll need the plug ins for products like HDAnywhere, Shelly local, Audioflow, BluOs, Tado or Fibaro. These can be purchased at the same time as the switch and cost around £10-40 each.

So what next?

Get in touch – we need to do a few checks to see exactly what you want and check if your current equipment is compatible. Also it’s worth checking your WiFi signal is although it’s not plugged into your internet, it does sit on your WiFi so if that’s poor, then the product won’t work optimally.

Rithum is a great product which will integrate with lots of kit but like anything, it needs to be fitted well and thought put into the install before you spend money on it. We’ll need to ensure that the system will work with the products you have before we fit anything and if not, whether you would need to change anything to get it to do what you want it to do. A site visit will establish an overall cost before you buy anything so just get in touch for a visit.