There are lots of types of TV’s on the market but some people just don’t like the look of a “normal” TV. If you’ve spent a while getting your living or working area just how you like it and you don’t like the look of a TV, they can take up a fair bit of room!

When equipment like gaming consoles, Sky boxes and speakers are involved, you’ve also got to think of the cables too. So how do we make this a bit more “invisible”?

There are various ways to hide your TV which we’ll discuss here.


Mirror TV’s 

These can come in various forms. There are the usual TV style with a mirror over the top (a standard wall mounted mirror). There are overmantel style mirrors which are great above fireplaces. There are waterproof mirror TV’s which are great in bathrooms and kitchens.

Things to be aware of – how do you use the TV, where are you thinking of putting it? Is it going to be affected by lots of light (eg next to a  big window can cause an issue during the TV. Otherwise they work exactly the same as a standard TV.

The Standard Wall Mounted Mirror

A gold framed mirror TV is fitted on a white wall with a plaster frieze of flowers below.

This style of mirror can be installed anywhere and you have lots of choice of frame (over 100). We normally use a 4K Samsung Smart TV so it’s a great image and there are a couple of finishes of glass. The sizes are available in a TV from 32″ up to 75″ so lots of options for the size. It’s simpler to move (if you decide to later on) and it comes with a standard, flat to wall bracket.

You can watch the usual things like Freeview, Sky etc and it has the smart TV features too. When this is ordered, the TV comes with the frame so it’s all in one unit.

Price from £1700 – £4000 (varies with TV size).

Overmantel Mirror

A large wooden fireplace with an overmantel mirror TV with gold frame is fitted above. There is a cupboard at the side and a hanging chandelier on the ceiling.


This type of mirror is fitted over fireplaces and is typically a larger style of mirror which takes a bit more care handling it but is often not difficult to install with a bit of care. Again it comes with the above features – Samsung 4K Smart TV, the normal range of viewing and a good choice of frame finishes.


We would also recommend a Sound Bar with this option as the TV is fully incorporated to the mirror so will give a better overall sound. We use a Sonos sound bar which is £600 extra (Optional).

The size of the TV’s go from 32″ to 50″ but the overall Mirror size tends to be a bit bigger.

Price from £2999 – £3999 (depending upon size and finish and there are trade up options)

Bathroom & kitchen TV

A bathroom with a white oval bath and a mirror TV fitted on the far wall. The side wall is glass, like a giant window. There is a brown bathroom unit and mirror above.

These lovely Mirror TV’s are certified to be installed in areas with water such as showers and kitchens.  These require a wee bit of planning. Again you have a choice in the size of these TV’s. They range from a simple 24″ to 55″ in the bathroom and a similar size in the kitchen.

The kitchen ones can vary a bit as it depends on where you’re fitting it – they can be installed on the wall as a standard TV as a normal fit. You can also get them put in places like splash backs which keeps them out of the way.

Have a chat with us if you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom as this is a great option when building works are going in.

Art TV

The Art TV has grown arms and legs in the last few years and this can be a lovely option if you want to keep things simple.

A Samsung Frame tv is installed above a white fireplace. The wall is white and the remote control is sitting on the top of the fireplace.

Samsung Frame TV

We’ve seen the Samsung Frame TV one of our most popular TV installations this year and it’s not hard to see why. It’s normally a simple-dish installation, there is a small choice in frames from 32″ to 85″. As well as the usual dark/white frames there are a choice of other colours you can get from Samsung. They’re all fairly slim and as someone who has ordered some of these for various clients, they often take a while to come in.



A white fireplace with a red wall behind. A Samsung Frame TV with a gold frame is installed above the fireplace.If you’d like to get a Samsung Frame with a real choice of frames, then we can get them tailored to your TV with something more unique. We can get yours fitted with a beautiful art frame to make it look like a real painting. This was fitted for a lovely client who had a farmhouse and it fitted in perfectly.

Motorised Art TV

This is where we install a TV and there is a frame with a motorised artwork over the top. It is a really cool feature with a “hidden” TV effect. You can choose from lots of images from a site like Shutterstock or provide your own image. We can also use your own TV and retrofit the frame or get it all as one unit. This is good for a TV that could be badly affected by light/glare.



LG Objet easel tv in a room leaning against a white wall

LG Objet TV

This is a lovely TV made with great materials to look like an art easel when not in use. It can be fully opened, partially opened or fully closed. If you’re looking for something that is a real talking piece, this is a nice option.

Very easy to install and has all the great features of a modern TV. Boasting an OLED screen, beautiful and durable material by Danish company Kvadrat and fantastic built in audio, it’s a nice choice. It can be fitted in a couple of ways – set up like an easel or flush to the wall like a painting. It really is a nice looking TV that you won’t see in many places. It’s a pricy option though at around £5899 (at the time of publishing this)

LG Posé

Available in TV sizes from 42″ to 55″ this TV is another statement piece from LG. Possibly designed to compete with Samsungs The Serif, it’s a freestanding TV. It’s fitted with a cable management system to reduce clutter. It can be placed anywhere in the property and is a interior designers dream.

What about the Audio?

If you’ve spent the money on a lovely Art TV or Mirror TV and you want to go for better audio, what’s the best option?

One option that works well is a set of invisible speakers by Sonance. We install them in the wall and plaster over the top so they can’t be seen. It’s a great option for a TV that is also designed to be “invisible”. There are lots of options with standard speaker styles though so let us know if you’d like to bump up the audio a bit.

So what do I need to do if I want a Mirror or Art TV?

Well obviously if it’s a freestanding TV like the Objet or Posé then you don’t really need to do much! However if you’d like a Mirror TV or an art TV/Frame is wanted on the wall then just get in touch. We can go through options, costs and fitting. Do you need the cables hidden in the wall? Where is the nearest power source and what will you be watching on the TV (Sky, Freeview, Virgin, Apple for example). What is the wall type and is it easy to hide the cables?

We have installed lots of Mirror and Art TV’s and have experience in all types of installations. A chat is the best place to start.