On the 9th of August, Sony unveiled their flagship entries from the 2023 XR Bravia TV lineup – the A95L 4K HDR QD-OLED model. Available in three sizes – 77″, 65″, and 55″ – this premium range showcases a QD-OLED display, enhanced by the XR Triluminos Max technology, delivering color performance that’s approximately 200% brighter compared to its predecessor, the A95K.

The pixels, individually lit, create deep blacks, resulting in exceptional on-screen details and depth. With its ultra-slim design and an aluminum Seamless Edge Bezel, this distinct visual identity effortlessly complements any interior.

Scheduled for release in September 2023, this lineup is an ideal choice for those seeking unparalleled image quality, coupled with Sony’s renowned control features and a reassuring 5-year warranty.

Additional BRAVIA XR Models Already Launched:

The broader BRAVIA XR collection introduces four main models: the X90L Full Array LED, X95L Mini LED, A80L OLED, and A95L QD-OLED. These models are available in sizes ranging from 55 inches to 98 inches, offering a diverse selection for dealers. The X95L introduces the Acoustic Multi-Audio+TM innovation, harmonizing audio with on-screen visuals. Meanwhile, the A95L and A80L models feature Acoustic Surface Audio+TM, utilizing vibrating actuators across the screen to produce immersive sound. These new features position the BRAVIA XR range as a top contender for those seeking top-tier television experiences.

Sony’s 2023 lineup also caters to gamers, elevating PlayStation® 5 gaming with exclusive features such as Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode, ensuring optimal picture quality during gaming and streaming. The Game Menu facilitates heightened visibility in dark areas with the Black Equalizer, while the A95L model offers Multi-View, allowing simultaneous gameplay and guide watching.

Masashi Takiguchi, the current Head of Pan-European Home Entertainment and Sound and the incoming President of Sony Europe, commented, “Sony’s new BRAVIA TVs are made to entertain – whether you’re a sports lover, movie fan or a gamer, BRAVIA is the best choice.” He emphasized that these new models amalgamate decades of Sony’s expertise in TV, film, and gaming.

BRAVIA XR X90L 4K HDR Full Array LED TV (98”, 85”, 75”, 65”, 55”):

The BRAVIA XR X90L 4K HDR Full Array LED TV boasts up to 130% higher brightness compared to its precursor, the X90K, due to meticulous backlight control. It also integrates XR Contrast Booster and XR Triluminos Pro technologies for improved contrast and a broader color spectrum. Equipped with HDMI 2.1 gaming capabilities, it’s tailored for high-performance gaming. The sleek aluminum Seamless Edge Bezel and 3-way aluminum wedge TV stand ensure seamless integration with any interior.

BRAVIA XR X95L 4K HDR Mini LED TV (85”, 75”, 65”):

The BRAVIA XR X95L 4K HDR Mini LED TV employs thousands of Mini LEDs and accurate color reproduction, managed by the precision of XR Backlight Master Drive and XR Triluminos Pro technologies, for impeccable contrast. X-Anti Reflection and X-Wide Angle further minimize reflection and enhance color and brightness from various viewing angles. The Seamless Edge Bezel and 3-way aluminum TV stand guarantee both convenience and aesthetic appeal.

BRAVIA XR A80L 4K HDR OLED TV (83”, 77”, 65”, 55”):

The BRAVIA XR A80L 4K HDR OLED TV shines with a 110% brighter display compared to its predecessor, the A80K, thanks to XR OLED Contrast Pro and XR Triluminos Pro technologies. Acoustic Surface Audio+ and Dolby Atmos support deliver immersive audio through vibrating actuators synchronized with on-screen action. The Metal Flush Surface Bezel adds a touch of elegance to any setting, while the 3-way slim wedge aluminium TV stand provides versatile placement options.

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