Winter is a magical time of year, as the weather cools and briskness fills the atmosphere. However, the season also brings shorter days and longer nights, creating a prime environment for home invaders. In 2021 and the start of 2022, the UK saw over 192,060 home invasions, averaging a stunning 526 burglaries daily. Ensuring you don’t become one of these statistics during winter is vital and is only accomplished by putting the proper security systems in place and taking common-sense steps toward safety. If you’re looking for ways to keep your home, property and business safe, integrating these measures will help provide you and your family with peace of mind all winter long.


Stow Away Valuables

As winter approaches, placing valuables like bicycles, lawn equipment, and even cars into storage is an excellent way to keep burglars at bay. Having high-value items on display is like a beacon to would-be criminals, indicating there are even more goods for the taking inside. Protect your home and keep all valuables stowed away safely, so you don’t attract the attention of those seeking to do you harm. Ensure that you have a good lock fitted to any garages or out buildings you have.

Secure All Windows

The cooler weather often means opening your home and letting the fresh air inside. Many times people forget to close them, leaving their homes and businesses at risk. Securing all windows, especially on the ground level, makes it harder for intruders to break in, which is an essential deterrent during the dark winter months.

Avoid Posting Holidays On Social Media

It is tempting to share pictures on your social media accounts while on holiday, but burglars often monitor these sights to find a target home to invade. By advertising that you’re out of town, you are welcoming criminals into your home, providing a free pass to take whatever they desire.

Use A High-Quality Security System

One of the best deterrents to a break-in is a high-quality security system. Intruders thrive on anonymity, which is why they run from homes where they are being filmed. Choosing a trusted company to instal this system that uses the most advanced technology is the best way to show home intruders you mean business.


Smart House Scotland is Scotland’s leading provider and installer of Pyronix alarms which provide unsurpassed surveillance for ultimate home protection. Pyronix features a cutting-edge app notification system that connects to indoor and outdoor sensors designed to keep your home and business safe. Pyronix is the leading system for domestic and commercial properties featuring the latest equipment, including fence and garage sensors, outdoor lights and cameras, and smoke and heat detectors.

At Smart House, we also proudly install Hikvision cameras which provide your home and business with advanced Colour Vision cameras, which provide a range of features such as up to 8K resolution, number plate recognition, and AI technology for both day and night. When it comes to advanced camera technology, nothing beats ColorVu, which is why it’s the most popular option for customers seeking unparalleled safety. Keep your home and business safe this winter season with the advanced security features Smart House¬†provides.

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