Smart TV’s are pretty amazing, there are loads that can be done with them. You can watch normal Freeview/Freesat, stream from an abundance of providers and use Voice commands such as Alexa. However your internet connection needs to be decent to do this and this can be done either wirelessly (through WiFi) or wired. So what difference does it make?

WiFi :

This is the most convenient way to get your TV set up as all you need is your WiFi password and you’re ready to go! Here are the advantages:

  • It’s neater – no wires anywhere so you’ve got a bit more options with your TV position in the room without worrying about getting wires to the TV from the router (apart from the power or media such as Sky boxes that is).
  • You don’t need a lot of equipment so fairly simple.

If you’ve got a good WiFi connection this is a great way to go. If your WiFi isn’t great then you may want to improve it with the use of WiFi extenders or hardwiring to provide a better connection. Check your speeds and get in touch if you see your TV buffering as that’s the main sign your WiFi is struggling. We can install hard wired WiFi access points that will provide a mesh of seamless WiFi throughout the property. We specialise in discrete cabling so can hide the cables to make it look neat too.

A Wired Connection:

Advantages/Disadvantages :

  • A fast and reliable connection most of the time as it’s direct to the router. Provided your speeds are decent coming into the property you shouldn’t get much buffering with this option.
  • Great for gaming as generally your speeds should be better. If you’re a big gamer, get in touch as there are other ways you can make your gaming better, such as better audio, faster HDMIs etc.
  • It’s a more stable connection and you shouldn’t get any interference.
  • Cables – you do have to work out how to get the cable to the TV and still make it look good! This is especially tricky if the router is at the other side of the house. You can use adaptors but these can also look a bit messy.

How to set up on WiFi:

  1. Check the router and get your WiFi password. It’s usually on the back of the router.
  2. Once you’ve plugged in the TV it will normally ask you for the WiFi password, type in the password.
  3. That should be it! The TV should just connect to the WiFi.

If you’ve tried setting up your TV and you’re having problems just get in touch and we can see the best way to get the internet working with it. Sometimes everything can seem ok when it’s been set up but when you’re using it, if you find you’re getting sluggishness when you’re streaming then give us a buzz and we can pop out and see if we can get it working better.

Contact us or pop in for a chat at Musselburgh and see if we can help!