Blinds & Shades are a brilliant way to help regulate the temperature in your home and it’s very relevant at the moment especially. In Summer they cool the property and in Winter they help keep the heat in. With added automation, they’re even more energy efficient.

There are many blinds/shade manufacturers out there but Lutron is a great option if you’re considering automation. Here are a few of the advantages:

  1. Range of fabrics – there are over 1500 finishes available, with options such as honeycomb, wooden blinds, tensioned shades, black out & rollers. Have a look at the fabric choice here and get some inspiration! They are made to measure and available in a huge range of sizes.
  2. Tailor Made – We will come out and measure up for you, we’ll give you advice based on your living arrangements, room position, brightness levels and automation. Get in touch if you want us to pop out and discuss further or come in and see us in Musselburgh.
  3. Ease of Use – They can be controlled in various ways, like their various options of Pico controller or a Smart Phone app or we can automate them using our Elan control system. We can set them to open in the morning to help wake you up, close at night or even to follow the position of the sun during the day to maintain optimal light levels. Put in an alarm for your kids by setting the blinds to close at bed time!
  4. Security – When you’re away on holiday or just out for the night, it’s good to know that the blinds will still open and close as planned so it looks like there is someone in. We can integrate with your security system so it all ties in together.
  5. Energy Efficiency increased – Lutron wooden blinds can be automated to follow the position of the sun during the day so maintaining a more constant temperature. They keep the heat in at night and can be set to open/close depending on the temperature of the house during the day too if you like.
  6. Simple to add to your home – their wireless technology means that you don’t have to have cables installed and the battery life is excellent – averaging 3-5 years. They have a 5 year warranty on them and the quality is outstanding. There is plenty of notice about the end of life of the battery and they’re easy to swap when needed. Either we can nip out and do it or we’ll show you how to yourself.

So if you’re thinking of updating your window shades, we can do all at once or if you’re wanting to update 1 or 2 at a time, just get in touch and we can pop out and have a look. Or if you like, we have some information in our showroom in Musselburgh, just walk in and we can help.

A set of grey wooden blinds in a window