picture to show the recommended distance to sit from the screen

We are excited to be able to present the Hisense Laser L9 TV which comes in 2 sizes of screen – 100″ and 120″. If bought before 25th July, then you are eligible to claim a free 55″ Hisense 55″ QLED TV!

It’s a great way to give you that real “big screen movie night” feel at a fraction of the cost of a traditional big screen. The L9 comes in 2 parts – an ultra short projector and an ambient light rejecting screen. This means it will work well in most rooms and is great in living rooms, games and media rooms and you don’t need a blacked out full cinema room. As it has a built in Freeview tuner and streaming services, you can use it as a normal TV and it even has a traditional TV remote. The 100″ screen is a fixed rigid screen which doesn’t require any assembly and the 120″ one is a soft screen which requires assembly. The 100″ is a Fresnel screen that pushes the light from the projector directly forward, whilst rejecting most other ambient light. This means that it can be used in any room even if there’s no light control. The 120″ has a 150 degree viewing angle.

The audio also has 40watt Dolby Atmos speakers so will give a really decent sound. The projector is 4K quality thanks to the 3 laser colours – red, green and blue – rather than the traditional colour wheel.

As to installation, Hisense are happy to provide a free fitting to ensure a great finish but if you’d like it put in as part of a bigger project, then we can do it to ensure it fits in perfectly with your room. Our installers are experienced in fitting all types of home cinema systems across Scotland so if you would like some advice, just get in touch.

If you’d like to see about getting a Hisense laser TV just get in touch – the 100″ comes in at a great price of £3999 and the 120″ at £4499 – a snip compared to a large screen.

image showing the small projector and corner of the screen