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At the moment, energy usage (or rather wastage) is a big issue for many households and we’re all trying to reduce wastage as much as possible. Did you know that in a residential property, lighting accounts for up to 10% of the household bills? There are many ways to help reduce this from changing your bulbs to more energy efficient ones to fitting blinds or fitting dimmers and using a smarter control system to monitor usage.

Lutron has a variety of energy saving devices, here are a few that may help you.

Lutron Powr Savr sensor

This neat Lutron Powr Savr sensor is a sensor which is fitted to the ceiling and uses RF technology to communicate with the light when someone enters the room. Once the person has left, the light will switch off again so saving power. It’s battery operated with a 10 year battery life so no need for new wiring to be installed. Great for office rooms, halls, bathrooms, garages, vestibules etc they will only come on if the light levels are below a certain amount so only when it’s useful.

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Dimmers save around 4-9% of electricity and can make a massive difference to your home. If you’ve got a standard light switch, it’s only saving energy in the “off” position but with a dimmer, unless it’s on full, then you’ll save energy the more you dim. They also prolong bulb life by up to 20% on halogen and incandescent bulbs as the bulb runs at a cooler temperature so will last longer.

The beautiful part about changing to dimmers is that they actually enhance your lighting experience by creating a much more ambient environment so you don’t lose anything by getting them installed. If you put dimmers in every room, you would use much less energy and create a much more nicer environment in the process! Get in touch to find out about installation of the fantastic RA2 Select, in our store now.

Box showing the RA2 select light system

RA2 Select


Lutron Shades in a kitchen

Shading Solutions 

Utilising the natural light in your home makes a much nicer living environment and makes the most of daylight in the Summer to help conserve energy and warm the property in the Winter. Lutrons green credentials are also much better than most and their blinds are made from sustainable materials with a huge range of finishes. Their great Sivoia wireless system means that the entire range can be fitted retrospectively and wiring doesn’t have to be put in. Combined with our amazing Smart tech, they’re easy to control and can be installed with a wide range of settings so will always work optimally for you. Have a look at the wide range of shades here. 

Hopefully we can help with your choice of shades, if you’re unsure get in touch and we can organise a site visit to measure up and we can have a look at materials that you might like. It’s always good to get a good look at a room and chat about how it’s used and what effect you would like from your new blinds so feel free to call for a chat.