For the last few years we’ve been based at the fantastic Midlothian Innovation Centre just outside Bilston and while we loved being there, we felt like we wanted a bit more of a high street presence which helped us logistically with our installation team and allowed more people to pop in for a blether.

We’ve now moved to sunny Musselburgh right beside the Brunton Theatre at 139 North High Street. It’s a great spot as there is loads of parking on the main street as well as a large car park a 2 minute walk along at the theatre (Gracefield). There are also a bunch of car chargers for electric cars, great bike access and it’s a 5 minute walk to the beach so nice for us too!

old photo of 139 north high street shop

The property was in need of renovation and we’ve been slowly working away for the last few months emptying, clearing and painting and we’re happy to say that soon it will be ready. We had hoped to have it done sooner but due to various issues (mainly Covid related) everything has been a bit slower than we would have liked. It’s been a really interesting project however, and we’ve enjoyed hearing all the stories about the property as it’s been there for a couple of hundred years. It’s been a police station, a sweet shop and a tobacconist amongst other things and while painting we found the original street number of 38 (it’s now 139) so it was there before a lot of the other properties around it. Many people in the surrounding area worked or shopped there when it was owned by James Cairns 50 years ago!

Mirror TV over a fire place


We’ll be ready by the end of April to open the doors properly (although we are working from here already so pop in if you want to chat) and will have loads of great kit to show you. We’ve got some beautiful Gallo Acoustics speakers, some fantastic alarm and home security kit from Pyronix and we’ll have soon have our Elan control system in so you can see and try it. We’ll be showcasing different products throughout the year from great in-ceiling and invisible speakers such as Sonance and OSD Audio to beautiful Mirror TV’s so you can see and feel something completely different and bespoke. We’ll also be stocking various installation components such as HDMIs, speaker cable and TV brackets which will be available to buy over the counter.

Our installation team will be available to discuss any plans you’ve got from just improving your WiFi to installing a new TV, or putting in your own home cinema and a control system to die for!