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Are you concerned about your picture quality and can an upgraded HDMI help? 

If it’s been on the wall for a couple of years, probably not. Most standard HDMIs installed in the last few years are absolutely fine and will do pretty much what you want them to do for a standard TV installation. Generally, most basic HDMI’s will pass a 4K/60Hz signal reliably and we generally use good quality, reasonably priced HDMIs on most of our installations and it’s been absolutely great. However, with new screen technology coming in, it’s worth upgrading your HDMI if you’re upgrading your TV.

If you’re getting a new media device such as a Playstation 5 or an Xbox Series X then you should find that it comes with a 2.1 HDMi in the box. That’s what you will need to achieve a 4K gameplay at 120fps or 8K at 60 fps and they’re great so use those if you’re getting a new media device.

picture of a Kordz hdmi

What about 2.1?  If you’re upgrading your TV screen then definitely consider getting a new HDMI too as it will probably have the capability built in and will allow more information to pass between your media devices (eg games consoles/AV receivers etc). The resolution will be sharper and the detail will be better as well as improving the refresh rate. If you’re getting us to install a screen then we’ll recommend it but if you’re unsure, just ask.

When installing TVs then we generally use Kordz HDMIs as they’re great quality and reliable. There are various ranges which suit different installations and they’re fully certified so we know that they’ll work with what is needed every time. There are many HDMI cables available online and we are constantly bombarded with different ranges, some more obscure than others, but we only install with equipment that is good quality and reliable. Many will say that they are up to a 2.1 standard but unless they’re certified you can’t know for sure and if you’re fitting the cables inside a wall, then you need to be sure it will work as removal later on could be a huge issue!

For new 8K TVs or if you’re needing a 2.1 HDMI then the Kordz Bravo Performance HDMI is a great choice. They come in 4 lengths, 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 3m and are fully certified to carry an uninterrupted 48Gbps signal for up to 10K screen resolution. They go from £59-85 so won’t break the bank too in comparison to many HDMIs on the market.

There are so many products out there but bear in mind that your HDMI choice doesn’t have to be difficult. For most TV installations a standard basic HDMI is generally fine and will work with most 4K TVs, we only advise on upgrading if you’re upgrading your equipment and need a certain spec for it. It’s also good to future proof though and if you’re raggling cables into walls and don’t want to have to change at a future date then we’d advise to spend a wee bit more if you can as it could save you heartache later on. Pop in a conduit if possible, a couple of HDMIs, a couple of CAT6 cables and a coax cable, that way if you change anything down the line, you should be covered.

If you’d like to discuss further, please just get in touch!