Have you been trying some new online classes while in lockdown? It’s difficult to do your new Yoga/exercise workout or try to watch a You Tube instructional video on that small phone screen so why not mirror it onto your TV? Much easier! Stream or share content from your Apple devices to Apple TV or Airplay 2 compatible smart TV.

You’ll need to make sure that all your devices are on the same WiFi and you’ll need Apple TV connected to a TV, iPhone or iPad. Also make sure that they’re all up to date on the most recent iOS software.

Step by step.

  1. Turn on the TV and Apple TV.
  2. You’ll need to open the control centre on the iPhone or iPad. If it’s an iphone 8 swipe up to access the control centre.
  3. Tap on Screen Mirroring.
  4. Select Apple TV from the list and tap it.
  5. If it’s already been set up it should work automatically but if you’ve not used it before, then you’ll need to enter an Airplay code to connect the devices.
  6. Your device should now be mirrored on the TV. Success!

young woman watching television