Yesterday Sonos has announced that it will not be updating it’s older models from May this year and will be discontinuing some of it’s Legacy speakers and devices. This is due to the processing power being “stretched to its limits”.

This means that although the products will still be useable from May, if for example, Spotify or Apple update their platforms in the future, your devices could stop working. It will over time, lose it’s functionality. If it is part of a bigger network with new devices, it could cause an issue with this too.

If you own a first-generation Play:5, an original Zone Player (ZP80, ZP90, ZP100 and ZP120), a Connect or Connect:Amp, both manufactured between 2006 and 2015 or a CR200 controller or a Bridge, then these will be affected.

Sonos is offering a trade in with a 30% discount but this could still work out costly if you’re replacing a few speakers or amplifiers.

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