Do you really need home security system?

As it’s now right in the heart of Winter, we’ve had a lot of enquiries about alarms and CCTV equipment. Not surprising really as it’s dark, cold and easy to break into places without being seen by passers by. We want to help by showing various methods we have used to protect the home and show how CCTV can be used all year round for security but for various other things too. Here are a couple of case studies that we have worked on over the last year.


Scott and Moira – Borders

Due to some suspicious activity in their neighbourhood Scott and Moira had a simple 3 camera CCTV system installed by us which covered the side of his house, the driveway and an area at the front gate. The property is in a rural village and the house can not be easily seen from the street so they cannot rely on any suspicious activity being noticed.

Once Scott called us, we did a quick site visit and discussed his concerns : Security (obviously) and concern for his families safety, but also he didn’t want any cameras to be too noticeable and definitely didn’t want cables everywhere. After a quick look around, we really only needed to fit 3 cameras to cover everything and we installed them in such a way that any cabling would be hidden and the cameras would be noticeable to those who were looking.

The 5 mega pixel cameras have infra red sensors, motion detection and uses the Hikvision app to constantly record for a few weeks at a time. It has a 3TB hard drive and cloud storage so it always accessible. The cameras are HD so excellent image quality and they’re a dome design so pretty subtle. We have also incorporated a simple wireless alarm system which works alongside the CCTV. This can be set up and monitored from an app too so you can have 24 hour security at your premises. As we’ve done a full site visit before installation, cameras and cables are discrete and the DVR is hidden away away from prying eyes.

Since it’s been installed a year and a half ago, Scott has recorded someone in the street reverse into his car and drive away so he managed to pass onto the insurance and get the perpetrator, seen an act of vandalism on a neighbours car and also caught someone about to break into his garage. The police have used the footage and complimented the standard of the images/recording. Purely as regards to the insurance, he has now covered the cost of his installation and it gives him peace of mind.


Jennifer – Edinburgh

Jennifer has a business which employs around 15 people. Someone had decided to vandalise the premises a few times which led to a lot of stress for her and her staff. It was so stressful that she was driving to the property several times during the night to check everything was ok and she couldn’t relax when she was at home. She also had the cost of getting a company out to scrub out the vandalism from the stone on the front of the property so it was becoming very costly both financially and emotionally.

We popped out for a site visit and mapped out the footprint of the building and car park. We then gave our recommendations.

What we recommended and fitted : LED security lighting around the property, an alarm and a 4 camera IP CCTV system which covered front, side and back out to the gate at the street. The cameras have 4K image quality with wide dynamic range, variable zoom lenses, movement tracking and a PTZ aimed at the area around the drive where there is a motion detection in each lane at the sides. This will trigger an alert and a notification will be sent to her phone. She has requested a bit of extra memory for a longer recording time and she also has cloud storage.

This has given Jennifer peace of mind as if she sees anything suspicious, she can call the local police and have actual evidence so they would have to come out and investigate. She is no longer making evening trips to the property and can now relax at night. Since the system has been installed, they have not had any further vandalism to the property and their staff feel happier too.

If you feel that a simple security system might benefit you, why not get in touch? Either give us a buzz on 01314507158 and we can have a quick chat or book in here. We can discuss your requirements and get a system which suits your needs and your budget.